Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This is my 4th piece in my Bark Series #2 that is part of the Fibre Art Network's show entitled 'FROM AWAY".  It has been shown at CQA in Halifax in May and will be touring for the next two years.  It is on our website Although I haven't seen it "live" yet I hear it was very well received at our National show.

I use the Tyvek layer for the top layer, carving it with wood carving tools and using heat tools on it along with the Lutradur layers underneath.  I machine-sewed buttons on the lower layers as an experiment to separate the layers further.  Threadpainting was on the lower Green Bark layer.  The layers were all hand sewn together with additional beads to connect the layers on the top.  Because I don't like the white edges that seem to inevitably come when I burn the Tyvek I used a black fabric pen on every edge.  It helped me not to have it yelling at me visually! I used to think I wasn't a detail person, hmmmmm.  I even enjoy hand work.  

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