Thursday, September 15, 2011


I just couldn't resist posting this today as I have a little time.  This is a time study of my Madrona/Arbutus trees that are performing so beautifully.  The plan is to take pictures of the same part of several trees about 1-2 weeks apart. This is one tree whose bark is just spectacular imo.  What do you think? I am also gathering the peeled bark from the ground with the intention of doing more dyeing with some  it and also by putting some gel medium on some beautiful pieces for some sort of mixed media piece. Playing around with Elements I hope to extract this tree from it's background ...that's one plan anyway!

Studio picture

 After returning from our SAQA conference in Denver, I came home to our very sick doggie "Traveller" who sadly passed away 5 days later.  So I haven't really felt much like writing or being in the studio for that matter and we still really really miss him. Of course those who don't have animals think I'm nutz.  Some days I think they are probably right!  Well back to my real reason for posting.  An overview picture of my studio. TADA!

 I tried to download a video of my studio yesterday with little success so I am posting a picture  instead!  While  labeling it which may be stating the obvious it will give you some reference when I next post.  The view of the trees has changed as we removed most of the Douglas Fir to save our beloved ARBUTUS.  I  have more light than EVER! Will post other pictures but this seem like a good start for now! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am still at our SAQA CONFERENCE in Denver CO. where I will be joining other SAQA members for a tour of the DAM(Denver Art Museum)prior to catching a plane home tonight. The conference was excellent, organizationally as well  pertinent content. I couldn't have asked for more.  (Not having a burgeoning cold would've been nice though).

My photograph of a piece of bark is printed on Canvas with a minimum of 6 layers for each piece of bark. This includes painted burlap;scrim; lutradur;cheesecloth;tyvek separated and sewn together with glass beads  to increase the layer dimensions .  The different layers  were heat-gunned and/or carved separately or together with a wood burning tool with cute little nibs.  Attaching the bark units  with polished hemp using a tapestry needle  needed needle-nosed pliers to pull through the layers.  
#2 is almost finished with just printed  layers of Lutradur and Tyvek. Rather different look actually, will post ASAP!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ARBUTUS #8---readied for FAN Canadian Content Show in Queensland New Zealand

I feel very fortunate to have interrupted finishing this piece by visiting Australia and New Zealand for the latter half of January.  We got home Jan 31st which gave me over a week to finish this piece along with the paperwork which I view as a necessary but challenging evil for an artist. My technical expertise  is just developing but certainly not quite there.  It is wonderful to have such helpful Show coordinators in our FAN group who helped with me managing the details of the entry (Judy Weiss) this time.  Please take time to visit our website:

I am currently in a coffee shop in Florence,OR madly typing this up as we continue our southern journey. My plan is to do handwork of 10"x10" pieces for 2 shows that occur in August and November(they have to be different).  Hopefully 3 for each show.  I am dependent on the "skins'" I have created prior to leaving so it will be spontaneous and intuitive work (which my work usually is anyway).


Soooo here's my NZ piece.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

PROJECT #4 SAMPLE--6 layers--same value resulted

Top layers are sewn by hand then applied to grey bkground fabric by machine. LOVE THE TEXTURE! layers indistinguishable can be used for some applications.  Interesting that the values seem so similar ...used mostly the same elements 9 bark pictures so shouldn't be surprised.   This could be cut into strips as it visually is one value;-) Takes time but worth it!
LOVE THAT CHEESECLOTH...scariest to print so far;-) Needs LOTS OF TAPE on carrier sheet!!!
  1. commercial grey background layers 
  2. solid canvas background and one burlap strip )right hand)+ 
  3. screen 
    1. burlap (Ink aid white matte) ripped edges with seam ripper to lose harsh edges
    2. lite lutradur--burnt with heat gun
  4. strips of cheesecloth