Sunday, January 2, 2011

PROJECT #4 SAMPLE--6 layers--same value resulted

Top layers are sewn by hand then applied to grey bkground fabric by machine. LOVE THE TEXTURE! layers indistinguishable can be used for some applications.  Interesting that the values seem so similar ...used mostly the same elements 9 bark pictures so shouldn't be surprised.   This could be cut into strips as it visually is one value;-) Takes time but worth it!
LOVE THAT CHEESECLOTH...scariest to print so far;-) Needs LOTS OF TAPE on carrier sheet!!!
  1. commercial grey background layers 
  2. solid canvas background and one burlap strip )right hand)+ 
  3. screen 
    1. burlap (Ink aid white matte) ripped edges with seam ripper to lose harsh edges
    2. lite lutradur--burnt with heat gun
  4. strips of cheesecloth