Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am still at our SAQA CONFERENCE in Denver CO. where I will be joining other SAQA members for a tour of the DAM(Denver Art Museum)prior to catching a plane home tonight. The conference was excellent, organizationally as well  pertinent content. I couldn't have asked for more.  (Not having a burgeoning cold would've been nice though).

My photograph of a piece of bark is printed on Canvas with a minimum of 6 layers for each piece of bark. This includes painted burlap;scrim; lutradur;cheesecloth;tyvek separated and sewn together with glass beads  to increase the layer dimensions .  The different layers  were heat-gunned and/or carved separately or together with a wood burning tool with cute little nibs.  Attaching the bark units  with polished hemp using a tapestry needle  needed needle-nosed pliers to pull through the layers.  
#2 is almost finished with just printed  layers of Lutradur and Tyvek. Rather different look actually, will post ASAP!