Sunday, November 7, 2010

Visioning from SAQA

My goals for this years visioning at SAQA university are rather scattered.  After downloading quite a few of Kathyanne White's info I can see my Arbutus series see my blog  My goal for this week at my retreat is synthesizing down to :

  1. Finishing my "Together" piece for our FAN project 
  2. Experimentally printing with my EpsonR1900 for layering textures from my Elements 8 for my arbutus bark work. 

**** I will post some process related stuff just to spur on my memory as I start to work because I forget what I have done;-) and I don't always remember to make notes.  I diverge a lot when I do make my notes as they tend to be just a starting point and something to check if I diverge too much! Perhaps this will do it!

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