Saturday, November 20, 2010



This is the product of quite a bit of research on Kathyanne White's websites/blogs.  In order to try these ideas out I needed to order materials ,specifically the INk aid pre-treatment that is sponge-painted onto a variety of different fabrics.  so I have been testing one set with a greyed bark to see the hand plus intensity of colour, ease of use, visual impact.  so this is a visual posting of the result of my first tests of; Ink aid Clear Gloss + Ink Aid white Matte.  I printed on:
#1 Lutrador;
#2 cheesecloth
#3 garden burlap 

on the Epson R1900.  That proved to be  an epic journey in itself! The results are pictured.  5 of the 6 turned into interesting fabric with the burlap not feeding through the printer to print on the clear gel.  sooooooo not sure the reason for that but it wore me out trying to get it to feed with iddferent settings NONE of which worked but the other burlap worked beautifully with the white matte INK Aid....who knows???? So pictures are included with the darkest and most intense with the white Matte INK AID....but of course that isn't always what one wants is it???

I have included my Project #1 utilizing the results as there was enough after making my sample book from the six of Project #1.  (Impressive hmmm???) It won't last but it's a good start!!!

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